Healthy Eating : Day 3

Last night, I got home from the gym about 9pm and immediately got to work in the kitchen. I cooked some quinoa and made my lunch for today, a bacon and spinach fritata.

Bacon and Spinach Fritata

Bacon and Spinach Fritata

This morning, I made a rocket and tomato salad to go with my fritata. I also cut up a melon and strawberry salad for my mid-morning snack.


Rocket and Tomato Salad

Tonight, I’m going to be doing 40 minutes of cardio, one HardCore class and then finish off with a BodyPump class. So the banana is still there as a pre-workout snack.

Lunch Box of the day

Lunch Box of the day

I have to say I’m feeling pretty good with the food so far and it hasn’t been too difficult getting everything ready without getting late to bed or work. Tonight will be the real challenge though…After all the workouts at the gym, I usually end up super tired when I get home. Hopefully, I’ll be motivated enough to get me quinoa salad done for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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